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Three guys entered a taxi. d taxi driver knew that they where drunk so he started the engine & turned it of again. then said, ”we have reach your destination”.

the 1st guy gave him money & the 2nd guy said ” thank you” the 3rd guy slapped the driver
the driver was shocked thinking the 3rd guy knew what he did. but then he asked” what was that 4 the 3rd guy replied “‘ control your speed next time, you nearly killed us


Their asses
Yes their lazy asses 😀
To those lazy asses that crowd around one door while some other doors were available to use for boarding but failed to use them. The train has been scheduled to run to time and therefore, wait for no one. This is a stark irony of life. Time wait for no one. Perhaps, a change in mindset may be what you need to launch your career and make some tangible progress in life.
Act wisely, reasonably and responsibly.


Once upon a time, there lives an elephant and a mouse. One day a mouse came to the elephant house and asked him to sit down and stand up respectively. After doing that for 5 min an elephant ask mouse why he asked him to stand up and stand down? Mouse reply. ” To check if you’re wearing my pants or not”.


At a train station, a man was standing directly in front of the cabin door used by Train Dispatchers otherwise called Station Assistants. The man stood over two buckets of paint. What happened next will shock you.

Station Assistant: She knocked on the cabin’s glass door to attract the attention of the passenger.

Passenger: Do you want to come out of the door?

Station Assistant: Yes.

Passenger: Do you want me to remove the buckets? Of course he knew there was no way the door could open without removing the buckets and he himself staying clear of the door way.

Station Assistant: Yes.

Passenger: Please.

Station Assistant: Please for what.

Passenger: You need to be polite.

Seriously, it won’t be long before one had to beg some stupid people to allow you access to your own door … smh.



A freelance journalist was interviewing people on the street about how romantic they are and how do they make romance to their women. Here’s what a guy said:

Journalist: How do you romance your woman?

Guy: I kiss them passionately, fondle their boobs, finger them and make them wet before inserting my d**k into their sweet pussy.

Journalist: That’s incredible! When you said “them”, how many women do you have?

Guy: I used to have four but now I am left with one.

Journalist: Interesting! What happened to the other three?

Guy: One travelled to Libya, one broke my heart, I broke the heart of one, I wanted to break the heart of this one but she wouldn’t let me (lol)

Journalist: That’s hilarious, you sound so funny. I wish you good luck.

Guy: Thank you, thank you 🙂