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5 Tips To Meet New People Online

Are you having difficulties in meeting new people or making new friends, whether online or in person?  If yes, then read on.

I can assure you that by the time you finished reading this article, you would have learnt pretty well the tips you need, you would have grown in confidence, and you will be ever ready to put those action words into practice … you will definitely be making a difference to your social life.
The right approach: Perhaps, the most important factor that you need to consider when thinking or planning to meet new people or make new friends is “approach”.  Get it wrong and you would have shot yourself in the foot.  You probably would have heard the British Idiom: first impressions last, yes it is true.  Therefore it is imperative to look and act your best when contacting a new person for the first time and perhaps every time.
So, how do you create the right approach?
Creating the right approach is something that should inherently be part of your nature but if you don’t have this trait, you can cultivate it by embracing the following 5 tips:


1. Good communication – Be proactive, write clearly, speak clearly and fluently, use the right tone, be sensitive, understand your differences and appreciate them.


2. Positive attitude – Adopt a positive attitude, don’t stereotype.  Be courteous, remember treat other people the way you wish to be treated.  Your attitude is one of the determining factors which will either make you or break you.  The more positive you are, the more you will meet with success.  Learn how to accept rejection and turn downs.  I think it is worth pointing out that not everyone that you chose to make friends with will be interested in you as a result, they may spurn your advances.  If this happened, just be brave and move on.  There are plenty of fishes in the ocean.

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3. Good interpersonal relationships – Be warm, be approachable, be accommodating, be friendly, be witty, have a good sense of humor.  I think it is a massive turn offs to start chatting with a new person by asking lots of personal questions such as: what is your name even when it is written on the person’s profile, where do you live, what do you do for a living, are you married, and countless of similar questions.  See tip number 5 for help.


4. Choice of words – Carefully plan and present words that are appropriate and meaningful to your would be friend in a timely manner.  Avoid the use of jargon words.  Be organised.


5. Talking about relevant topics and events – carefully studied your would-be friends and diligently strike a creative line of communication between you perhaps on your environment, current affairs, events, sports, holidays, or general conversation that are very interesting.  Don’t be pushy.  know when to call it a day, understand what arouse his/her interests.  Allow him/her time to talk and to find out more about you.  know when to ask to chat next.

By reading the following lines, I am convinced that you would have boosted your chances of success by more than 70% which when put into perspective, your rejection now stood at ratio 3:7 which is an awesome achievement.
If you have benefited from reading my article, I would love to hear your feedback by leaving your comments here.
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