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About us

Worbuzz is a friendly dating site which sought to create an enabling environment for its duly registered members aged 18+ to have fun, meet new people with shared interests, make new friends, meet singles, chat flirt date, share photos and videos, play games, and even communicate on-the-go using their highly intuitive Chat Application aptly named Worbuzz Messenger.  It’s a platform where Users can actually get social.  Our growing community transcends regional boundaries with Users spread over 195 countries and 60 territories.  Our site is multilingual and English being the primary language.


Our platform which was built on Fourth Generation technologies, seeks to recreate the meaning of social network by introducing new dimensions and perspectives to the way people interact with their environment.  It is an environment where sociality meets responsibility; where there’s more to social than meeting new friends; and where gathering together means much more.  Worbuzz offers connectivity, entertainment, and communication on-the-go.


Why not check out our feature-rich modules to see array of things that are bound to keep your clock ticking over.  Stuffs like MEET ME where you can meet new people and even find a date; EVENTS CENTRE where you can create or search for a social function near you; CHATROOMS where you can play fun games, chat with other members in real-time; SUPER TASKER (Coming Soon) where you can delegate a task to fellow users to accomplish and either reward or penalise them; MYSTERY BOX which is bound to held you in awe as you never know what you are going to find there – surprise awaits you!  JOKES where Users can post or read funny and creative jokes.  Our Questions and Answers module enable members to ask burning questions and get them answered by other members in no time.  Worbuzz platform simply turn its Members into creative publishers.  FORUMS where users can create groups and share thoughts, make and receive video call, video conference, enjoy real-time transliterate chat with folks speaking a different language; and much more.


Our promise is: you’ll be spoiled for choice. Lest we forget the most important bit – your safety is paramount in what we do.  We respect your privacy; we hate SPAM in any form; and we have ZERO tolerance to abuse in any forms. We abhor any violent or extremist views and crime.  Other than these, enjoy our site whether you are at home or on the go. Our Mobile Apps are available on Androids and iOS.


Our company – Worbuzz Media Limited was registered in England and Wales with company registration number 09324832.  Our web address is  Our beautiful name was coined from “wor” a Chinese word for everything and “buzz” an English word for fun.  This means everything around us is buzzing with fun. We welcome you to be part of our growing community.